Why I decided to write this Blog

I started working at Kensee as R&D manager in Mid July, 2016, A day before my 38th birthday.

Kensee product is a platform for Commercial Real-Estate information. By using various algorithms, we collect news and other types of data related to Real Estate, analyze them and extract new information such as the market sentiment, signals and insights that help professional understand quickly and efficiently the pulse of the market, either locally or globally.

My job was to build the product from scratch, and the only restriction I had was that I had to use Microsoft’s Azure as the cloud platform for our new SaaS platform – Kensee had been accepted to Microsoft’s Bizpark plus program, granting us $120K for 2 years to spend as we see fit on all of Azure’s services. Here’s a comparison of the services Azure has to offer compared to those of AWS.

This was a great opportunity but also an intimidating one. I could architect the product as I wanted but my experience with Azure was very limited. I started reading about the various products Azure had to offer, talked to Microsoft partners, met with Microsoft consultants and reached a disturbing conclusion – Microsoft variety of features and products for Azure is very big, with new options being released every few weeks. Most of the people working with Azure or consulting about it are oriented into moving existing, on premise products to Azure and using Azure VMs as IaaS for working mostly as people are used to work right now. My questions about design and architecture tips and best practices were left mostly unanswered and the available documentation was limited at best.

Building a product for the cloud, and with no legacy infrastructure as a burden, I decided to develop everything as a PaaS, using what Azure has to offer in the fields of services hosting, communication, storage, high availability and more.

Every step of the way included hours of research, trial and error and so I decided that this information can surely be beneficial to others as well. This Blog can hopefully save time and provide answers to people taking the same path as I did.

Here’s some interesting articles I’ve collected along the way that can provide basic understanding of cloud computing:


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